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Our pups are sired by one of our Amancio boys, Ruby Honour (Amancio Highest Honour) or Black & Tan Dandy (Amancio FineNDandy) and their dam will be one of our beautiful Ruby or Black & Tan girls. All our dogs are purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniels registered with DogsVic (Victorian Canine Association). Pups are placed on Limited Register (family pet home).


Pups are thoroughly examined by a qualified experienced Veterinarian at 6 - 8 weeks of age.

It is very important to note that purchase of your pup is conditional on the outcome of this comprehensive Veterinary Examination. If any health issues become evident at this Examination, you will be contacted immediately. We will replace the pup with another similar one if we have one available that suits you, or we will refund your deposit and progress payments in full.

We have built up an excellent reputation over the years, and it is very important to us to maintain the highest standards. We do not send dogs to new homes unless they prove 100% healthy at this Examination, and they are well socialised and psychologically sound. Families are encouraged to take their pup to their own vet as soon as they like, to be examined again so they feel assured of their excellent health.


Our pups are vaccinated at 8 weeks of age. Families are given the Certificate of Vaccination on Collection Day. Pups need to be vaccinated again at 12 weeks of age. Until that time, families are strongly encouraged not take their pup anywhere where there may have been unvaccinated dogs at any time.


At the Veterinary Examination, pups are also microchipped and placed on the Pet Registry. You can notify the Registry that your pup is now homed at your address and give them the details. If they are ever lost, the finder will hopefully take them to a local Veterinarian or pet shop so their microchip can be scanned, and notify the Pet Registry who will call you. We are registered as an alternate contact with the Pet Registry, so if you are not home, they will call us. Families are encouraged to take the further wise precaution of having their phone number engraved on a metal disc attached to their pup's collar, so the finder can also call them direct.


Your pup will need somewhere warm and secure to sleep, perhaps in a bedroom where a family member is nearby. The bed need not be expensive or fancy. A plastic pet crate or sturdy cardboard box is fine. A pure woollen blanket holds the heat well and breathes so it does not become too hot. You can often get these at charity shops. Buy a couple, then wash and air them alternately.

For the first few weeks, puppy wake time will be around 7am and sleep time will be around 6pm. 


Puppies love toys and playing! It is fun and stimulating for them. Toys do not need to be fancy or expensive, but a variety of different items will provide mental and physical stimulation for the pup, and provide a focus for playtime as you get to know each other. Make sure they do not have parts which can be chewed off and swallowed.  


Our pups are raised on a premium quality dry food that provides all their nutrients. We use XP3020 which is available from pet shops supplied by Pet Pacific. As they grow, a complete good quality dry food around 22-25% protein is all that is needed for good health. They may be given doggy treats for training purposes, but please no biscuits, cake or chocolate. These are people treats, not doggy treats. Arundell Cavalier pups are 'demand fed' and you can continue this if it suits you. This means that you do not need to feed your pup at a particular time. You can leave out two bowls, one with dry food and one with water, and the pup will eat when hungry. Cavaliers fed this way from their early weeks do not overeat and are more likely to maintain a healthy weight. Make sure you have a container of fresh water available at all times. This does not need to be expensive, or have the pup's name on it. A clean container of any material is fine, but try to find a relatively shallow one which is shaped wider at the bottom than the top, so your pup cannot step in it and spill it.

Please do not ever give these foods to your pup:

Milk (Except puppy milk)

Cooked bones of ANY kind


Spicy foods or onion



Our pups are wormed for roundworm every Wednesday from four weeks of age with Drontal Puppy Worming Paste. After their Veterinary Examination, Advocate is administered externally. This covers a broad spectrum of worms and parasites. In other words, it kills both fleas and worms. You can continue with it every four weeks right through to adulthood.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are robust little dogs and generally enjoy good health, but there can be issues, particularly with their hearts. We select our stock very carefully and none of our dogs take cardiac medication or have had surgery to correct a heart condition. Every possible care is taken in the breeding of our dogs, but there are no guarantees. Many Cavaliers eventually pass away with heart issues, and we consider a lifespan of around ten years to be average for this breed. Inexperienced Cavalier owners may have expectations different to this, but we believe that you and the dog will be happier and enjoy your time together more, if you have realistic expectations. If health issues arise, please be sure to contact your Veterinarian at the earliest opportunity, seek a second opinion if you have any doubts, and remember to notify us so that we can adjust our breeding program accordingly.


Pups can be desexed around 20 weeks of age, before they start to move into adolesence and develop sexual characteristics or behaviours. This will make life easier for both of you.